Bitcoin Mining APP


I want to Introduce you a very Potent European ICO Project. In only 3 day more than 60.000 new members Registered themself for this project wich is called electroneum.
It’s growing exponential. it will cover more than 5 Billion people living on this planet. The goal of this project is to use the unused computing capacity in our Tablets or Smartphones
to mine bitcoins. Our Smartphones and bitcoins are not able to mine bitcoin effective. Because of this…we wil mine electroneum, wich is programmed specially for mining with smart phones and tablets only.
It`s very easy to install via app. Everybody can immidiatly start Mining. Some reasons why this project started to explode:

  • Worldwide more people with smartphones and tablets than people with bank accounts
  • more than 140.000 registered users
  • Specially in emerging economies people are interested (most people live with less than 1$ a day)
  • Maxmum of 21 Billion Minable tokens
  • Google Trends show us already 100%:
    More Detailled Information:

If you are ready to invest in this project, please use this link , to we all will get a little bounty:
If you have any Questions please contact me private. I already Invested this coin very well with a competend Team. ICO is also seen very positive in different ICO rating plattforms

Best Regards