Blockchain scalability by blockchain clustering


Hi All.
I am preparing this article for release:

And I would like to know what you think about this idea.

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I read the paper and found it very interesting… and quite readable I might add. Very refreshing for blockchain tech papers.

Question: is it possible, using your clustering hypothesis, to have a cluster of arbitrary size disconnect from the network for some amount of time while still creating internal transactions, and then reconnect in a way that preserves authenticity?
Example: A car that contains three kids with tablets and phones, a car computer or two, probably one with an internal media library, etc. All of these are blockchain connected and are transacting with the wider network, but also with eachother. For 10 minutes the car has no good network connection, but the computers in the car can at least continue to transact with eachother. Network connectivity is regained, the single blockchain facet that formed while disconnected then reconnects, re-validates all transactions, and is re-integrated into the broader network.
Maybe you have considered this application or requirement?


No, this setup is not possible with blockchain. Because blockchain must be shared across network participants. Here , at the moment you disconnect, you lose the correct chain and you will be creating your own chain , which when connected back to the network will be invalidated by others and you will have to discard it.
The only way this is possible if you have the highest hashing power, i.e your computer is very fast and it generates all the blocks and others just accept them. Then, when you reconnect to the network your blockchain will be the longest and it will be accepted by others.