Blockchain Technology Can Transform Banking: Blythe Masters


Blockchain technology can be used to help financial-services institutions accomplish their most important goal — improving customer service, Blythe Masters said Tuesday.

In the opening keynote at American Banker’s Digital Currencies + the Blockchain conference, the former JPMorgan Chase executive also said the first application of blockchain tech will be post-trade processing, rather than payments, securities or derivatives solutions. Processing is something banks need to accelerate, she said.

“I believe that [blockchain] technology has the potential to truly change the way the financial world operates, to reduce costs, improve efficiency, reduce risks and ultimately provide better customer service, which ultimately is what financially services needs to be all about,” Masters said Tuesday.


I agree with this article. I mean I’m honestly shocked that more and more banks aren’t using this now. I’m sure that soon enough though, more banks will start to use it.


I mean I"m sure that in enough time more and more banks will be using Blockchain. There is already Delaware that now recognize blockchain, which is awesome.


it will take time for good results


more banks will using it soon but it will take time.


Absolutely is the future and a lot of development going on in this area. Many projects in POC stage ready to unravelled after successful testing. Here’s an article on Identity theft and Blockchain -