Communication Blockchain



I have been working on a project to bring Internet Service Providers together on a platform that utilizes Blockchain at its core to enable any internet connected device with a GSM receiver to have access to cheap Internet data sponsorships through the application without the availability of a current subscription to Wireless or Fixed Internet directly to your mobile phone or device. This software is guided towards people who do lots of traveling, but the market capitalization of the project spans the entire reach of the Telecommunications sector (fixed and wireless).

If this sounds interesting to anyone, please drop a comment. It does not have to be anything special, maybe like a, “Like to see it happen”, or “Nice”. I am simply looking for interest in the Idea, and it goes a lot more into depth than that. A few of the extra added features includes:

  1. Internet Data Purchase (Foreign or Domestic)
  2. Yearly Subscription
  3. Smart Contracts for Users needs
  4. Business Plan Promotes Infrastructure development using Internet service provided funds.
  5. Blockchain Transparency for Anti-NSA spying and ISP (Internet Service Provider) throttling.
  6. Custom Phone Leasing Options
  7. Device Maintenance Plans
  8. CPU Processing for needed processing power.

Thank you to all who read.

Don’t forget to comment if you liked it or not. Constructive Criticism is Very Welcome!!!

Sean Cirilo