Inviting early adopters to a platform where members earn based on the knowledge-oriented help they provide


Hi folks :vulcan_salute:

What do you think about a decentralized community-first platform where people get connected on chat to share instant answers and recommendations based on one’s area of interest/expertise and get recognized and rewarded(in the form of tokens) for every helpful conversation? :bulb:

Your expertise could be in anything from cryptocurrency itself to baking apple strudels to must try food joints in New York City. All in all the experience will be as simple as someone asks a question, system routes it to members who know how to answer the question, once member answers, asker+helper seamlessly get into a conversation. The helper, in turn, gets rewarded in coins.

I’ve been exploring this idea and working on the product and growth side for a while now and eager to hear your feedback/thoughts about it! :pray:

In the same light, I’m also welcoming everyone to sign up for early access and become an initial member before we scale or go for full-blown digital promotions.

Some more information and limited sign up here: HelpTap