LISK - third most successful crypto crowdfund


Lisk, a cryptocurrency with the promise of making it easier for the worldwide developer community to build decentralized applications (DApps), has concluded its ICO and raised over $6 million. The appeal of Lisk is its ability to use JavaScript to create DApps – JavaScript is the most popular language on Github and is widely used in web development.
Lisk provides its own APIs for use by developers. It runs each DApp as a separate sidechain of Lisk and in the future plans to migrate to a Lisk VM, similar to Ethereum. Through its APIs, Lisk is also targeting the Internet of Things (IoT) space, which is finding increased interest among developers and startups especially the interaction of IoT with blockchains.
The project has already been deployed to Microsoft Azure’s ‘Blockchain as a Service’ (BaaS), and it was one of the projects highlighted by an official Azure blog post. The source code can be found on Github. It also makes it easy for developers to connect the tools they are familiar with, such as github, making the transition from building web apps to DApps a smooth one.