Looking for Blockchain Expert / Dev to build Blockchain-based Escrow System for Global-Auction-House with Crowd-Income-System


Hey Blockchain Enthusiasts,

Bidroop is a global auction house, which is built to ‘cut off the middleman’.
Instead of enriching itself, it spreads its generated income to the crowd.
The crowd consists of users, which participate in the activity system.
Depending on the users total activity, he earns his money-share.
The money is paid out every Sunday. Everybody can paticipate.

I have developed the Marketplace / Auction House and Crowd-Income-System.
The BETA V4 runs stable since 03/2016: https://www.bidroop.com

Some specs:
API: Ruby on Rails 4.x
Client: AngularJS / Javascript / HTML / CSS
Hosting: Heroku + AWS
DB: PostgreSQL

My idea is to build an escrow system based on the “Blockchain”.
Primarily with BTC

I am looking for a partnership with an expert blockchain developer.
Who is able to build an escrow system with BTC.
I am also looking for a Ruby on Rails API expert.
Also if you can offer AngularJS Expertise.
Also I am looking for 2 business parnterships - My craft is programming, not business.
I need an ‘owner/CEO’ for EU and US Area - to be able to implement BrainTree (INC) and Mangopay (GmbH)
Also I need one social media manager for every country in the world - there is much work to do.
In my eyes this are some opportunites for some people, because I am not looking to get rich - you can get a really fair share of the global construct. The early bird gets the worm :wink:

Chat me up on Skype: “ingredible” - lets find out if we harmonize.