Looking for Blockchain professional & global CTO


At present, our company is carring out business related blockchain
project,including as: data storage, notarization, electronic signatures, the
application of electronic contracts; applying Blockchain to Establish Trading
System between Digital Assets with Entity Assets.

Now, our compay are looking for Blockchain professional support and
recruiting Blockchain professional &
global CTO.

Anyway, would you like to recommend the talent to us wherever the talent is

By the way, my skype: innerseashine, for your any convinience.


Yes I have a team that can assist you.


I also need something like this probably…


Guys i just lost my bitcoin in this mother fucker company,dont trust blockchain trust bitcoin but not these motherfucker, i transfer my bitcoin from zebpay to my blockchain account and then put all security after 5 minutes someone from these motherfuckers transfer it and when i call for complain they seize my number.
but i will not stop here i am going to make a video and viral it
mother fucker blockchain they have employee who stole from other accounts


For those without Bitcoin, there is no pension - http://bit.ly/EdurekaBlockchain


I’ve been very impressed with Danielle Sabrina, she’s an advisor or consultant I believe in the space and has been behind some impressive ICO’s. She might be able to recommend someone for you. Good luck!