Telecommunications of the Blockchain



I am working on a Telecommunications integration of Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) with Blockchain integration of Cell/Landline numbers and permission based Adaptive Cell Networks worldwide to bring affordable standardized data rates and the ability to prepay for data using your personal device on an application basis for ease of use and flexibility. So what do we bring to the table?

  1. Data Contracts - We will carry open contracts with for data usage on all major networks optimizing service by regional best in class service, so if your service with AT&T in Orange County California starts getting shady, our automated servers (you may also manually switch) detect degraded service far ahead of time and migrate you to the best-performing communications towers in the area through your subscription with us.

  2. Storage and Critical Data (One-way encryption) - We store your daily files in the cloud included in your subscription. We give a minimum of 4TB to every member along with subsidized remote download from the cloud for up to 2GB anywhere in the world, as well as 2GB upload.

  3. CPU Processing - What this allows you to do is connect any internet connected device to download the application software and enables you to process an outdated computer through our servers. You can process all of your devices through us and save to the cloud. SO WHAT? This makes it possible for you to continue using that MacBook that cost you $2,000.00 6 years ago that sits in a box collecting dust. Since all you would need to do to accomplish this is a GPU upgrade, server application remotely run your CPU processing power in house, leaving you with the little amount of CPU that is needed to run small miscellaneous task in front of your computer. Why do I need this? Funding for this type of infrastructure and app developement will consume a lot of time and money, so if this facet of the project does not gain funding then it is not the end of the world. But it is important to note that most if not all computers will use this type of cloud processing in the future (5-8 years), so to get rid of many of the outdated components in todays laptops.

Users will be able to create a number (similar to a unique wallet master key) on our website, intercept cell provider promotions (through consumer-provider connectivity) based on GPS location, and maintain top speed LTE at all times; This system enables the integration of existing numbers from any provider onto the global provider public blockchain ledger system, as well as new members whom may not have a cell phone number. Furthermore, Calls and texts will be rendered obsolete through the pure necessity for data connectivity which will circumnavigate traditional telecommunications as we know it today. This also enables the contract agreements from users to providers directly to establish service in a foreign country without any direct link to WIFI or internet in the region, for example, you land in the Falkland Islands with no connection whatsoever, you will be able to receive an SMS notification (call, email, notification, etc…) much like you do today when you enter a foreign country, and be able to accept competing provider issued offers for your business in the country of your GPS location.

Thank you all for reading, but if you could please leave a comment I would appreciate it even more. Anything really. Constructive Criticism, or anything that you think would help me on this journey.

Please comment your thought.

Thank you Again.

Sean Cirilo


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