The Blockchain is the Thing of the future


Recently say a news column that says : The Blockchain is the Next Big Thing - ABN AMRO Dutch.Not only banking but other sectors too.what you guys think?


I think that soon enough it will become a reality. And when I say that I mean that more and more companies will start to use it.


I totally agree with you. I’m sure that in the next couple years we will start to see so many companies using Blockchain. It’s just easier on them, so why not?


happy to hear that


that will be nice for Blockchain future.


Hi, I’m new to these ideas of the block chain, but I have watched a few videos on YouTube explaining it and mentioning that the technology can be applied across industries, like Pharma and food.

My question is for Pharma and food, it seems that one use of the block chain would be to know the history and original (supply chain history) of the drug or food. How would we link the physical good with the identification in the block chain? Counterfeit could still be possible if it is just a simple label with a barcode on a sticker, right?


Hello Onlyrich,
First of all welcome to the Blockchain Forum,here we discuss about the new implementations of the Blockchain technology that powers Bitcoin.As per the question asked by u,I must say blockchain is becoming better fit for the pharma.As pharma involves supply chain by which drugs are delivered to patients.The challenge with the pharma supply chain is the process break down at several points and visibility, tracking data, and metrics become compromised at global and local levels.Clearly,the Blockchain can improvise the current process by utilizing distributed ledgers, transfer of assets, smart contracts, and proof of work.
Pharma industry spends tremendous amount of money in R&D and Manufacturing estimated about 900+ billion dollar per annum.The blockchain can gain much traction in the pharma industry.The exciting part is that the Pharma-Blockchain project that provides Anti-Counterfeit Solution and transparency has been launched called BlockVerify and developed significantly.This answers the second part of your question.Other noticiable development in the Pharma-Blockchain sector is Blockrx project.Hope this helps in answering your queries.



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Blockchain Technology is not only the big thing but Blockchain is the Catalyst to do everything than need to be done correctly.


Companies are finally starting to use it:


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In all types of ways…I’m excited about possibly not having to deal with ads online anymore because of blockchain technology. The guy who invented firefox is behind a new development to eliminate them in a very cool and exciting way. I wrote about how:


Absolutely is the future and a lot of development going on in this area. Many projects in POC stage ready to unravelled after successful testing. Here’s an article on Identity theft and Blockchain chain -


Hi, you can go through this blog for detail on Blockchain and here’s a latest article about counterfeit, theft and blockchain related to insurance industry in specific. But, what seems to be the current challenge at hand is scalability more than security. Because, the underlying information need not be encrypted in a chain that follows a hashing method, security is still a good bet.

Link to article -


You can order a blockchain related white paper via the following link


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Hi everyone, what do you think about the potential of Blockchain in developing countries? In my opinion Blockchain will disrupt our current system but will its true potential in developing countries. Blockchain technology can solve development problems by improving existing instruments and enabling the development of new ones. Blockchain-based applications particularly address institutional weaknesses and financial inclusion because they restrict deception, corruption and uncertainties. In the future, the blockchain can also be a development vehicle empowering people directly and mitigating power asymmetries.
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IBelieve that blockchain will shape the future of fintech, it already does actually. I have done a little research on how Private blockchains differ from Public blockchains and where they can be applied.
Here is the link to my article


Frst, decentralized internet.

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